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Not just Virtudpd*Special designed Music Medicine Studio venues that provide the venue theory that is a priority for health in todays public school system as yes

Crime and cyber terror are results of poverty stricken areas that beautification must start by providing the option being funded venues of creative ideation with sole purpose that challenges all mental constraints with the simple fact of existing that end all random terrorist acts being this is to be a known option to anyone who is hearing voices , being messed with or has finally had enough of the squatters life style and living as fraudulent people that this for the first time is where to turn any level of life around by embracing the creative talent hidden within, in its first phase is awareness and award that prove addiction can be cured with the mechanics of intervention but as music medicine so that we can get rid of the old corruption venues of mental institution and rehab that have only ruined society with deceit mal practice and brain wave abuse of all bci and Hamm equipment, also allows the institutions to drop all malignant activity being war based

we begin a new modern America in progressive activity that rid of welfare and replace with wellness, modern program funding that rid of the old statutes that led to the malpractice and dishonesty. to begin with new protocol that adopt a pardon policy for patriot act victim-venues of mental sickness and to prioritize a districts & DNS clean up that lays out the pre infrastructure beginning this project in California that be what unite and brandify the gangs that convert them into the community organizations as nonprofit investory for an all city beautification act. On a timeline as an event of pandemic recovery that begin this Halloween in memory of those who died saving the world for us to appreciate that clean up go from then till thanks giving that we can honestly appreciate in completing a very easy but big event in press and media to announce of such good thing for once that boost the moral of every confused or angry person for what has happened over lockdown is simply a calling for a proper example of liberty not death , real next steps by local leaders that will be made from this to follow not investigations of the tracks that lead to someone dead.

It is time to do good as modern people that to understand privacy is to never invade. our minds are the most powerful tools of mass construction

being element to our nations new builds of what we can do by just designing new architecture that you can show online thanks to music medicine studio. as an app focused on capturing every proof of cure that happens everyday but there’s just no place to but with [mmi’s Lab&Make] the modern people get to create instead of destroy and with guidelines of reality based protocol that teach young minds of the limits to sustain or push further that become neighbor hood builds that start at the schools that Music Medicine is where equal opportunity in giving the youth a whole new good thing missing more of this explained in the edu section.

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Paid to achieve. The Music Medicine reputation be built in being a solution and poverty prevention machine that be on the cutting edge of progression to be able to prevent new would be sickness developments there fore always will be the essence of balling be educated by supporting the latest discoveries of consumer products to science that we pay people to be amazing as investments that support the new music industry being the genius talents are usually deprived as youth so this be a ymca meets tech shop at a creative work share space but not cheap that teach how to achieve dreams in kick starter solutions to YouTube creator partnerships that pay top creators we sign that introduce a new cash flow workforce of individual talents as at same light we seek to employ the cool a&r’s who all got dissed when the industry shut down , it didn’t ever open back up as what was told their jobs would continue so this modern venue will be ran by the industry cool that got hit by the evil retards of communication terror, modern in every way like a new soho house for the lost souls of neglect and bad parenting that correct their bad traits before being a juvenile delinquent, that educate on being leaders and how to Chanel the anger or anxiety and pay top dollar for every achievement on paid programs that replace welfare’s unemployment with employment that pays to be a good citizen to beautify their neighborhoods and learn to beat depression in being creative and this allows them to be active as it’s always a problem of money that then terrorism sucks them into. With Music Medicine being a vanguard of local talent by its network to keep track of the good things for rewards, and of all corporate giants that need a reward system for all its customers or subscribers, that it’s time for the United States to keep track of the good things people achieve through us to then reward and request at the rate dilemma occur should now be a fix it talent to solve the problems that government currently pays through nonprofit and grant requests that the general public don’t know about or care to so we in addition to direct rewards funding also pair up individuals that fit the task and all this being temporary why🙈? Because each person within a year will have the experience and knowledge that groom them into being business owners wether it’s in making music medicine , or just making good things, being a nonprofit owner that then mange’s their curated roster of talent being family and friends as this doesn’t limit trade or skill just because it’s Music Medicine, it is a blueprint for the people who don’t know to now know in the essence of modern business that by just that become medicine so that those in doubt can live without someone brain washing them but when awakened by the initial wave of drugs lol that they then will be able to go to a place to harness their madness being inner genius calling for them to do something big as that’s the problem today is many face this anxiety but there just isn’t a place for them to be able to do cool things that is safe and design for this purpose in what is a real fix to the hacker syndrome , it’s time for modern business models to activate what we will all witness soon being just because people didn’t know and this design did take some deep missions for what has become a legendary twist in what was suppose to have destroyed all of us who didn’t die in the pandemic , so learn to appreciate your life and get on a good one already, thank you.